Top Med Research is a scientific foundation established for the purpose of providing expert advice and solutions in two main domains:

  1. Assuring high quality social, educational, biologic and medical research complying with international standards. All the phases of research work are taken care of, starting by the design phase, data collection tool development, data collection process, data entry, statistical analysis and reporting.
  2. Electronic education: starting and maintaining an online MOODLE administered virtual teaching institutions and training courses.


We are an Iraqi national provider of research and statistical consulting office. Our business supports corporate, nonprofit, academic, and medical researchers in research design, statistical analysis, and the reporting of efficient and accurate research.

Our experienced consultants strive, not only to present you with accurate results, but to ensure that you understand the analytic techniques utilized to obtain those results. We are equipped to meet your research needs to ensure that your project is a success.


Our Vision    Vision

Higher Education upgrade in Iraq occupies a considerable and important area of our interest. Our ambition is to equip Academic institutions in Iraq with the needed infrastructure and skills to run their own online academic teaching and training courses. In addition we aim to help University professors, Students, Ministry of Health, UN agencies, Pharmaceutical companies and other research oriented organizations in fulfilling their research and training needs in compliance with high quality international standards.



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